Osrs Teak Bench Xp/Hr

Osrs Teak Bench Xp/Hr. Therefore it doesn't matter what you build, but you should build whatever uses the most planks. Teak garden benches are a popular way of training construction for ironmen, as they are a middle ground in cost effectiveness between oak and mahogany, and teak logs are easy to obtain in bulk from miscellania or by using ape atoll.

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You can get upwards of 830k xp/hr with perfect clicks. 1) send butler away with 18 planks still in your inventory 2) build 3 benches 3) after the third remove, butler will return with 24 planks 4) build and remove 1 more, leaving you with 18 planks in invent 5) repeat Teak logs provided by teak trees have moderate value, and can be banked for.

Teak Garden Benches Are A Popular Way Of Training Construction For Ironmen, As They Are A Middle Ground In Cost Effectiveness Between Oak And Mahogany, And Teak Logs Are Easy To Obtain In Bulk From Miscellania Or By Using Ape Atoll.

Here is a method i used to build 4 benches while the demon butler fetches more logs. This method is an ideal medium point between doing low cost/slow methods. About press copyright contact us creators advertise developers terms privacy policy & safety how youtube works test new features press copyright contact us creators.

Today I Wanted To Show A New Construction Training Method Which Uses The Superior Garden Benches.

In this guide i will show you how to do a lazy method of making teak garden benches. In addition, with teak benches it would take around 4.8 hours while with myth cape racks it would take around. Since there are two next to eachother, it is possible to ge.

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Making mahogany benches costs the same as making mahogany tables but it’s a lot more click intensive and requires more focus. Each teak garden bench requires 6 teak planks. Each teak plank is worth 90 construction experience, so the maximum experience per inventory available is 2160 for 6 dining tables.

A Teak Is A Tropical Hardwood Lumber Tree That Requires Level 35 Woodcutting To Cut, Granting 85 Woodcutting Experience For Each Set Of Teak Logs Received.

As with mahogany tables, the most optimal method is to use a demon butler. If one teak plank = 100 xp, then a piece of furniture which used 8 planks would give 800 xp. Making teak benches (level 66) planks to 99:

That Is Some Of The Fastest Experience You Could Gain Out Of Any Skill In Osrs.

Mahogany tables are 800 xp each requiring 6 planks, when combined with the demon butler expect high xp per hour. If you really focus here, this can be done in a single day. If timed correctly, you can go through the interface of building one bench while your character performs the animation of removing another.