Teak Garden Table Care

Teak Garden Table Care. You should choose a sunny day to clean your teak furniture so that it will dry faster. Products made from hardwoods or plastic are less likely to require maintenance, but those produced from softwoods and metals need more care and attention if they are to give many years of enjoyment.

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Do not use if rain, dew or frost may occur before the treatment has time to dry. An extremely durable hardwood, teak requires minimal care to preserve its good looks and integrity. Squirt in a little dawn dish soap (or whichever dish soap is handy), simple green cleaner is good, too.

Once The Stain Arises, Treat It Immediately With Warm Water And Some Soft Soap;

However tempting it is, never use high pressure settings which will damage the wood. We recommend keeping teak tables, teak chairs, teak benches, and loungers in good condition with a spring clean each year: Rinse the furniture well with water.

This Is Best Done On A Damp Day.

Add a splash of clorox bleach. After washed teak furniture thoroughly with water and a teak cleaner, rub with a soft cloth. When removing stains, however, follow the same protocol.

The Other Option For Reconditioning The Table Is Just Simply Cleaning The Table With Golden Care Cleaner And Allow It To Naturally Gray, Which Will Happen With In A Couple Weeks, We Recommend Applying Golden Care Teak Shield To Prevent Food Stains.

Spray with a teak sealer into wood then rub with free cloth. Pour in water, and mix. Teak’s natural oil and rubber content along with its beauty, strength and resistance to weather make it a treasured wood.

Synthetic Rattan Is Specially Designed To Resist The Harsh Outdoor Conditions, While Teak Is Naturally Resistant To The Outdoor Elements.

On recyled teak a harder bristle scrubbing brush can be used. As teak is exceptionally strong and durable, it is highly unlikely that these cracks/this end grain checking will disrupt the strength or structural integrity of your teak furniture. Apply teak cleaner with a soft cloth or sponge and allow to soak in for around three minutes.

Maintaining Garden Seats And Tables.

Spray down with a hose to ensure it is fully clean; To care for your teak furniture, you can start oiling as soon as possible by brushing evenly along the fibers to avoid overlapping. After oiling, teak must be rubbed with a dry, absorbent cloth.