“Transformando o Armazenamento Inutilizado: Uma Pequena Reforma na Casa e na Cozinha”

I Had a Closet Under My Stairs With Zero Function – So I Gave Her a Little Makeover 🥰

Do you have a closet under your stairs that you don’t know what to do with? If so, you’re not alone! Many of us have these awkward spaces that are just begging for a makeover. Well, I recently decided to take on the challenge and give my closet under the stairs a much-needed makeover. Here’s how I did it!

First, I cleared out the closet and gave it a good cleaning. Then, I decided to use the space for storage. I added shelves and baskets to the walls and used the floor space for larger items. I also added a few hooks to the walls for hanging items like coats and hats.

Next, I decided to add a few decorative touches to the closet. I hung a few pictures on the walls and added a few plants to give the space a more homey feel. I also added a few colorful rugs to the floor to make the space more inviting.

Finally, I added a few functional pieces to the closet. I added a small desk and chair so I could use the space as a mini office. I also added a few shelves to store books and other items.

The end result was a closet under the stairs that was both functional and stylish. It was the perfect place to store items and also a great spot to work or relax. I’m so glad I gave my closet a makeover – it’s now one of my favorite spots in the house!

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